Surprise! It’s Stitch Fix time again! I say surprise, because even now I’m 99% sure I rescheduled my Fix for at least the end of August. I checked the site to add to my stylist notes and my order was already in progress. Needless to say, it was indeed a surprise! Nonetheless, I was excited to see what my stylist had picked for me. I had originally written in my note that I was looking to amp up my work wardrobe and was in desperate need of a skirt for work. I also wanted to add some edgier pieces to my wardrobe, including incorporating leather details. It seemed like a lot to ask, but I was really hoping it would all work out.  (If you’re new to my blog and are wondering what Stitch Fix is, click here. If you have heard of it and want to sign up yourself, click here.)

So, what did I get?

nadia dress

Everly Nadia Dress ($58)

This dress is exactly my favorite color. I am slightly obsessed with the color turquoise- if you saw me at a barrel race you’d know it’s me because everything I and my horse has on is turquoise. Besides the color, I was intrigued by this dress because of its shape. I don’t have any shift dresses, and I’ve never been drawn to them because when they’re not on they kind of resemble a sack. When I first tried on the dress I didn’t love it because it is kind of sack-like by itself, but my stylist suggested pairing it with this white denim jacket I got a couple fixes ago and a pair of wedges. The jacket helped cinch the waist and give it some definition, while giving it a fun summer look when paired with the wedges. I love this look for a summer wedding or similar event. The split neck detail gives it a little extra interest and the length is slightly too short for work, but long enough for me to be perfectly comfortable in it.

skirt and shirt

Gilli Kolby Printed Skirt ($58)
Loveappella Drayton Woven Overlay Knit Tank ($48)

I got a skirt for work like I asked! I have nothing in my closet like this- the print is so much fun, and I also love the black outline and how it comes up on the sides. It’s long enough for work, but I could also totally wear this for a date night. The fit is great and pretty flattering. I also think the print will be great for winter with black stockings- because parts of it kind of look like snow flakes. This was the exact piece I was looking for, for my wardrobe!

drayton shirt

I am also in love with this shirt! The overlay falls perfectly to be extremely flattering on my figure.Beyond that, it’s so versatile. I paired it with some cropped jeans, the skirt I just got, and these fun pants I got from New York and Company. I never would have thought to pair the shirt with these pants, but the style card showed a similar style pant and I was pleased to see how well this shirt went with things I already have in my closet. I can wear this casually, dressed up for work, or for a night out. Plus, the color is perfect for my skin tone and hair. Where can I find this shirt in every color?!


Loveappella Louis Faux Leather Trim Knit Top ($48)

Leather! Well, faux leather- but still, exactly what I asked for! This shirt is just the amount of edginess I was looking for. The leather detail is unique and subtle, and the mesh detail is fun. This is something I can totally see myself wearing for a night out, which is something I hope to have a lot more of in the upcoming years. I love the extra cutout detail on the back. Plus, the fabric is very soft and comfortable. I can definitely say I have nothing like this in my closet.


Pixley Malaya Knit Tank ($48)

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again- I love this color! This shirt is your typical comfy, everyday tank with a twist. There’s this fun detail by the neckline that makes this shirt unique. The fit is slimming, but the arm holes are pretty big. I can see myself wearing this a lot- since it also looks great dressed up for work.


Here’s my final verdict:

Everly Nadia Dress – Keep!
Gilli Kolby Printed Skirt – Keep, LOVE.
Loveappella Louis Faux Leather Trim Knit Top – Keep!
Loveappella Drayton Woven Overlay Knit Tank – Keep!
Pixley Malaya Knit Tank – Keep!

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my surprise Fix. Unfortunately, I do have something huge coming up in my life (still not official, still not posting about it!) and I can’t really afford everything. I love everything, which makes it extremely difficult for me to choose. I  haven’t yet checked out, but I think I might be able to sacrifice a couple things over the next month or so to keep everything. Luckily, this is one of my cheapest fixes ever! I’m so glad that Megan has continued to be my stylist, because she always knocks it out of the park. She really seems to get my style, but also pushes me outside the box from time to time. If it weren’t for Megan, and Stitch Fix as a whole, I never would have picked up a shift dress or knit pants, and I wouldn’t have found out I tend to gravitate towards boho and edgy styles. I have also incorporated a lot of fun prints, like the Gilli skirt! I’m so glad to have more shirts for work, because I’ve realized the last few weeks I don’t really have a bunch of solid colored shirts. All in all, I am super happy with this Fix and I know I will get a lot of use out of everything. I’m really, really not getting another Fix until October due to finances and this super awesome thing that’s coming up that will be all over my blog in a month. Here’s to major life changes and surprises along the way!

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This skirt is so beautiful!

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