It’s Fix time; the best time of the month! If you’re unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, you can check out my first review here, but here’s a quick rundown: Fill out a “Style Profile” about yourself and your style, set up a date for your first “Fix”, fill out a note to your own personal stylist for what you’re looking for, and bam! Get five items (usually four pieces of clothing and an accessory) delivered to your doorstep. Pay a $20 styling fee (it goes towards any item you keep). Try everything on with your favorite pieces. Decide what you want to keep within three days and send back (for free) what you don’t. Check out online and let them know why you love- or don’t love- everything. Keep all five and get 25% off! If you want to check it out, here’s my referral link:

It’s heating up here in Virginia, and my summer wardrobe was lacking! Luckily, I can always count on my stylist to help me out. This time around I requested a pencil skirt for work and fun, colorful pieces for summer. Spoiler: I didn’t get a pencil skirt- BUT, my stylist’s note made me not even care. She mentioned in the note that she didn’t see any skirts she thought I would like, and hoped I would understand. Of course! I appreciate that she mentioned she looked, and I’d much rather be sent five things she thinks I’d like than receive a skirt I wouldn’t. So, what did I get?

Holy color and patterns batman! I’m loving all the color this month!

Alley Sleeveless Abstract Printed DressPixley Alley Sleeveless Abstract Printed Dress ($54)

I was immediately drawn to the fun green print of this dress, and I’m so glad I loved it on as much as I did just looking at it! The dress by itself isn’t my favorite, but by adding a belt and a fitted blazer this dress becomes the perfect summer work dress! I love how the elastic waist (covered by the belt, of course) accentuates my somewhat-hourglass figure and the added length in the back is great since it makes the dress long enough to be work appropriate. I also think I could add a denim jacket and different shoes and wear for a night out. If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you’ll know I love versatility!

Pontiac Crossback Knit Top

Papermoon Pontiac Crossback Knit Shirt ($44)

I was so touched when I saw this shirt in my Fix. Back in my February 2015 Fix I received the LE LIS Columbus Pullover Knit Top and loved it, but had an accident with it and no longer have it. I’ve been asking for it since. Every time it’s out of stock, and I gave up a month ago. My stylist mentioned in her note that she thought this shirt was very similar and although she couldn’t replace the Le Lis top, hoped I would love this one. It’s AMAZING! The color is the same and it has the same general feel, BUT, feels like it is higher quality. I love the little lace detail on the sleeves and the fit is so flattering. I feel pretty in this, and that’s a feeling every woman loves. I loved the shirt when I first saw it, but knew it was a keeper as soon as I read the note. (In case I haven’t mentioned, the note is my favorite part of my Fixes, and I love the time Megan (my stylist) takes to look over my information and style me better than I can! But back to this shirt… I just love it! Look at the adorable sleeve detail:


vienna dressBrixon Ivy Vienna Dress ($68)

I know this dress is called the Vienna dress, but I somewhat-affectionately call it the Potato Sack Dress. This dress has so much potential to be something I would totally love. But, as it happens sometimes, it just didn’t work out. I’m not a fan of front ties on the waist since it draws to and adds to the stomach, which is an area I’m not very confident of. When I tried to tighten the strings I realized one side tightens and the other was sewn in- they were uneven and there was no way to fix it. That in itself drove me insane. I tried tying the dress tight and it bunched awkwardly, and when I tied it as it was, it looks like… a beautifully patterned potato sack. The length is nice and I do like the print, even though it washes me out a little. The other issue with this dress is there were loose ends all over it, making it look unfinished. For $68 I would expect much better quality. Even though this dress didn’t work out, I can totally see why my stylist picked this for me. If the strings had functioned properly I probably would have loved it. It’s got that country-chic look I tend to go for. So, no disappointment here!

gilli dressGilli Karlie Woven Dress ($68)

This one was also just off the mark for me. Like I just said regarding the potato sack dress, I don’t feel comfortable wearing anything with a front tie on the waist. I was still willing to give this dress a try, since I do own a dress I love from Stitch Fix with a front tie. I really like the sleeve detail on this- it’s hard to see, but the front and back cross over giving it an extra little detail. The print is different than anything else I have, and I do like it, but the hot pink in it kind of turned me off from it. My red hair and hot pink don’t get along too well. I also love the length on this- great for work! But the biggest issue I had was the back awkwardly poofs out making my back look lumpy and fat, which is a weird thing to even think. You can’t see that in these pictures, though. Overall, this dress had a big ole average feel for me, but I’m really glad my stylist picked out a work-appropriate dress as I asked! I also always mention I like elastic waist dresses, so I can see why she would pick this one for me, too. Again, not disappointed at all!

Holtby V-Neck Top

Skies are Blue Holtby V-Neck Top ($44)

Last but certainly not least is this beautifully patterned top. I love the detail along the v-neck, and I really love the pattern! This shirt is a little tent-like from the side and it almost feels a little big, but I think a size down would be too tight in the chest (curse my out of proportion body!). I’m considering taking this to a tailor to see if they can adjust it slightly tighter. (As a side note, I’ve never been to a tailor and have no idea how much something like that costs, so if it’s more than I’m hoping, I’ll probably mostly tuck this into pencil skirts and tuck into pants to give some shape.)  I love that this can be used as a casual top or can be dressed up for work. More versatility! A great pick. I only wish I could try an extra small and if it didn’t fit, exchange back for a small, but unfortunately that’s not how it works. And for anyone who has never used Stitch Fix- if you know you need a different size you can exchange, but can’t exchange back.


So, here’s my final verdict:

Pixley Alley Sleeveless Abstract Printed Dress – Keep!
Papermoon Pontiac Crossback Knit Shirt – Keep and already worn!
Brixon Ivy Vienna Dress – Sent Back.
Gilli Karlie Woven Dress – Sent Back.
Skies are Blue Holtby V-Neck Top – Keep!

Overall, I was very pleased with this Fix! My last few have been 5/5, which, while it is super exciting, hurts the wallet. I was actually glad I didn’t want to keep everything, since there’s a big change coming in up in my life soon that I need to save money for (hopefully more on that soon!). My first thought opening the box was, HELLO, COLOR! Which is exactly what I wanted. I loved the look of everything out of the box, and if there weren’t fit issues, I probably would have kept everything. Although I didn’t get a pencil skirt like I wanted (and kind of needed), it didn’t change my excitement of receiving this Fix. If the note hadn’t mentioned a skirt I probably would have been a little disappointed, but it did mention it so, it’s all good! I can always stop at Kohl’s, JCP, or New York & Co, where I tend to get more staple pieces.

Unfortunately this will be my last Fix until around October since, as I previously mentioned, I have a major life-changing… thing coming up. It’s not official yet so I don’t want to mention it before it actually happens, but if this piques your interest, I’ll be writing about it in the near future! Even though my next Fix is awhile away, I’m looking forward to it!

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