Stitch Fix Review #7 – May 2015

Finally, another Stitch Fix day! If you’re unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, you can check out my first review here, but here’s a quick rundown: Fill out a “Style Profile” about yourself and your style, set up a date for your first “Fix”, fill out a note to your own personal stylist for what you’re looking for, and bam! Get five items (usually four pieces of clothing and an accessory) delivered to your doorstep. Pay a $20 styling fee (it goes towards any item you keep). Try everything on with your favorite pieces. Decide what you want to keep within three days and send back (for free) what you don’t. Check out online and let them know why you love- or don’t love- everything. Keep all five and get 25% off! If you want to check it out, here’s my referral link:

After pushing my shipment out several times due to one circumstance or another, I was SO excited to finally get another Fix! This is now my third styled by Megan, and once again  she knocked it out of the park. I requested a pair of light or medium-light wash jeans and pieces that would accommodate a tight budget (basically, surprise me!). I was interested to see what I would get if I left it open. Apparently, whether I’m specific in what kind of pieces I need or just say “surprise me”, Megan can send me a perfect Fix!

So, what did I get?


Liverpool Denise Bootcut Jean ($78)
Kut From The Kloth Sylvan Crochet Detail Top ($48)

The first thing I pulled out of the box were these AMAZING jeans. What’s funny is these are technically the same as the white jeans I received in my last Fix, but they’re so different you’d never be able to tell (if I hadn’t told you, that is). After pulling them on… I didn’t want to take them off! These are quite literally the best fitting, most comfortable, nicest jeans I’ve ever worn in my entire life AND, though at the top of it, still within my budget. The material is so soft and I love the color of them, too! They’re are a little long, which is great for riding. I actually prefer my jeans to be “too long”, so these are perfect. I’m pretty sure these jeans were made specifically for me. I’m still in awe how Megan has sent me THREE pairs of pants that fit me perfectly when I can’t even buy myself pants. (And this is why I love Stitch Fix!)

Kut From The Kloth Sylvan Crochet Detail Top styled for work.

The top surprised me when I pulled it out of the box… Did I really just get a barrel racing shirt in my Stitch Fix box?! Well, that’s what I’ll be using it for! I love white shirts for racing and the detail on this sets it apart. The fit is perfect- flattering but comfortable. I also styled it for work, and loved it that way, too. Another versatile, fun item. Win!



Kut From The Kloth Siena Capri Pant ($58)
Renee C Edmondo Stud Detailed Split-Back Blouse ($38)

I LOVE this top! The color is gorgeous; I’m a huge fan of any shade of turquoise, teal, aqua, mint… whatever you want to call it. This is labeled as “light green”, but to me this looks more like a mint. The stud detail gives a slight edgy feeling, while still being professional and perfect for work. I love that it’s loose, but still flattering from all angles. It has more beautiful stud detail all down the back of the shirt, too (pictured below). Best of all, it’s one of the cheapest prices for a top I’ve seen from Stitch Fix!

The capri pants made me a little nervous pulling them out of the box. My legs are really, REALLY pale (thanks to a lifetime of jeans at the barn) and I don’t particularly like to show them off, especially in contrast with black. Anyway, I tried them on anyway and thought, capri pants, or ankle pants? My 5’2 self was a little too short for these to be capris. The left picture shows them worn as they are, and the right is with two rolls. I liked them after wearing them a little while, and they’ll be great for work. Plus, the fit (besides my being too short) is perfect through the waist and thigh. They were a great choice, since I work in an office and better for summer than regular dress pants. I think I would just like them a little more in a brighter color.

Renee C Edmondo Stud Detailed Split-Back Blouse back detail (love it!)


Sweet Rain Blarney Crochet Trim Top ($38)

I was so excited when I saw this top! I pinned a very similar top Stitch Fix offers that is a coral color with a crochet detailing, but it was a higher price than I feel comfortable spending on a tank top. I had no idea they offered something so similar but yet such a better price! I love the crochet detail. The print is much different than anything else I have and the material is comfy. There are a couple fit issues- there’s something weird going on in the armpit holes; they’re loose and big all at once. Plus, while it’s super cute from the front, it’s a little tent-like from the side. However, I’ll be wearing this a lot for work with cardigans and blazers, which will A) hide the weird armpit situation and B) give the shirt a little more figure. (And again, look how awesome these jeans are!!)

And what did I keep?

Sweet Rain Blarney Crochet Trim Top– Keep!
Kut From The Kloth Siena Capri Pant – Keep, but may sell (like them but can’t afford it all)
Renee C Edmondo Stud Detailed Split-Back Blouse – Keep!
Liverpool Denise Bootcut Jean – KEEP!!!
Kut From The Kloth Sylvan Crochet Detail Top– Keep!

Secretly I was hoping I wouldn’t love everything since my budget was so tight, but of course I got my third amazing Fix in a row! My favorite item definitely has to be the jeans. It’s so hard for me to find myself jeans that fit in the waist, thighs, AND have the bootcut fall properly, and these were all those things. My other favorite thing was my style card! I love the note from my stylist just as much as actually trying things on. Her reasoning behind every item was spot on, thought out, and I could tell immediately the amount of detail she paid attention to when styling me.  Case and point:


This is honestly why I love Stitch Fix so much and why I request to keep Megan as my permanent stylist. Here’s the problem though: I switched to monthly Fixes, hoping to keep one to two pieces per Fix while enjoying the excitement of getting mystery clothes sent to me. The last few Fixes have been 5/5, so I sadly will have to move back to every-other-month Fixes for now. All in all, I was very pleased that my wonderful stylist stayed within my open-ended request to keep budget in mind and sent me a pair of medium-wash jeans. I can’t wait to put everything to use, and I’m looking forward to another great Fix in the near future!


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