Stitch Fix Review #6 – March 2015

My favorite day of the month- Stitch Fix day! If you’re unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, you can check out my first review here, but here’s a quick rundown: Fill out a “Style Profile” about yourself and your style, set up a date for your first “Fix”, fill out a note to your own personal stylist for what you’re looking for, and bam! Get five items (usually four pieces of clothing and an accessory) delivered to your doorstep. Pay a $20 styling fee (it goes towards any item you keep). Try everything on with your favorite pieces. Decide what you want to keep within three days and send back (for free) what you don’t. Check out online and let them know why you love- or don’t love- everything. Keep all five and get 25% off! If you want to check it out, here’s my referral link:

I already know who I am as a person- a horse-loving, fun-spirited, young professional, but Stitch Fix has showed me how to dress like that person. I love how my stylist, Megan, totally gets me and my style!  Fix #6 is my second styled by Megan and my favorite yet. I’m so glad I requested to keep her as my permanent stylist. This month I had requested a dress for an upcoming romantic beach vacation and a denim jacket. With warmer weather finally showing its face, I was really hoping for some light, fun colors- and I was pleasantly surprised!

So, what did I get?

Fix 6 Clarise Mixed Print Tank

Fun2Fun Clarise Mixed Print Tank ($38)
Liverpool D
enise Bootcut Jean ($78)

I never, ever would have picked this tank up in a store… which is unfortunate, because I love it! The material is so comfortable and the colors, oh, the colors! I actually didn’t own anything purple until this shirt and I’m not sure why. I really love the color combination here and this shirt screams SPRING! It’ll be perfect for work in the summer on those warmer days and will be great with a cardigan or fitted blazer. I wondered if maybe this is too loose, but it grew on me the longer I wore it.

And these pants… These are magical pants and worth every penny (I have never spent more than $40 on pants). I went to Kohl’s a week ago to try to find myself a pair of white pants- I tried on 12 pairs, each worse than the last. After that unfortunate shopping trip I had given up hope and assumed that my body just is not made for white pants. Then, these show up at my front door. I was honestly afraid to try them on, after my experience the week before. But somehow, by some magic, my amazing stylist was able to send me perfect fitting flattering white pants on the first try. I also loved her suggestion to try these two pieces together!


Fix 6 Chevy Embroidered Detail DressBrixon Ivy Chevy Embroidered Detail Dress ($68)

Next out of the box was this dress, and it’s one of my favorite pieces I have ever received from Stitch Fix! The length is perfect, the waist of the dress is in the exact right spot, and the color works well with my hair. It has this cute button detain on the back (hard to tell in the pictures) and the sleeves make it perfect for work in the Spring. I love that I can wear this for work with a pair of heels, or with my favorite boots for a day out. It also looks great paired with a denim jacket, and would probably look good with a bright cardigan, too. Although Spring is here and I’m looking for lighter colors, this dress is the perfect neutral piece I can dress it up (or down) for any season.

IMG_4242. Skies are Blue Zaiden Printed Dress ($68)
Just USA Anjuli White Denim Jacket ($58)

Fix 6 Zaiden Printed Dress
Another picture of the dress styled with boots for spring. I love that the top is wide enough to wear proper undergarments. Definitely important to me having a larger bust!

Last but not least, presenting my romantic beach vacation date night outfit! This dress is again something I’d see in a store and say, nope, that won’t look good on me. This is why I love Stitch Fix so much. I loved the pattern as soon as I pulled it out of the box- it’s fun and light, without being obnoxious and super bright. This dress has a tie on the side of it that allows me to make the dress as tight, or loose, as I want. I love the comfort of that, and I love that I don’t need to go find a belt for this dress to accentuate the waist.

I saw this jacket on a Facebook page a couple days before my Fix was sent and almost bought it, so I was so excited when I pulled it out of the box! I never mentioned it when my Fix was being ready to be sent out, so it’s great to know my stylist 100% gets me and my style. I’m the kind of person that will wear a denim jacket all year long for coverage over dresses, so I love that this is white and summery. I prefer my jackets  to have longer sleeves, so I was glad these sleeves were long enough for me. The fit is perfect.

And what did I keep?

I don’t need to even break this down, I kept them all! My wallet hates me and my boyfriend probably thinks I’m crazy, but all these pieces are so great and I already have so many purposes for them, I honestly couldn’t justify sending any of them back. I’m so excited to get some new colors and patterns in my wardrobe. This Fix has really helped show me even more what my “style” is when I’m not in jeans and an old shirt at the farm. I love everything and can’t wait to put them to use!


4 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #6 – March 2015

  1. Great fix! I love the purple top and I definitely need some magic pants. Your blogging style is very conversational and fun. See you on FB SF boards!

  2. Hey! Nice post, I just wanted to say I got the Brixon navy dress in my second fix and it was my ALL TIME FAVORITE dress ever. However, I washed it according to the directions and it shrunk a whole size (maybe more?). I now know I could have contacted SF and may still do so, but I am not for sure what they could do about it? I will be curious to see if you have the same experience. ( I sincerely hope not because it is adorable on you!) I also got white jeans and I never, ever would have considered them before but I love them!!!

    1. Hi Angela, two months later I am just learning how to reply to comments! (New to this whole blogging thing.) I hand-washed the Brixon Ivy navy dress with success. I’d definitely reach out to Stitch Fix Customer Care, they’ve always been amazing, so it’s worth a try (especially since you washed according to the instructions). Best of luck!

  3. I love the tank with white pants! What a beautiful combination. You look fantastic! Your stitch fix reviews are excellent. I have the blue scalloped skirt and the green roll tab blouse (one of my favorites! I wear it with jeans and tall shoes).

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