Fix time again! If you’re unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, you can check out my first review here, but here’s a quick rundown: Fill out a “Style Profile” about yourself and your style, set up a date for your first “Fix”, fill out a note to your own personal stylist for what you’re looking for, and bam! Get five items (usually four pieces of clothing and an accessory) delivered to your doorstep. Pay a $20 styling fee (it goes towards any item you keep). Try everything on with your favorite pieces. Decide what you want to keep within three days and send back (for free) what you don’t. Check out online and let them know why you love- or don’t love- everything. Keep all five and get 25% off! If you want to check it out, here’s my referral link:

fix 3 all

Here’s what I got:

fix3 dress

Market & Spruce Spencer 3/4 Sleeve Striped Dress ($58)

This dress is the first thing I pulled out of the box. My first thought was, I don’t do dresses that are tight on the stomach area since I’ve gained weight. However, this dress is magical. I felt thin and actually really comfortable in this. The “V” shaped stripes were very flattering and I really wish the whole dress was in this pattern. I love that I can put a blazer over this with heels for work, wear it by itself with my cowboy boots, or add a jacket for more chilly days. I asked for versatility, and that is what I got!

ficx 3 split shirt

RD Style Kiera Crew Neck Split Back Knit Top ($48)

I’ve seen split back tops before and always thought they were pointless and never actually took the time to try one on. When I pulled this out of the box, I was impressed with the soft material and the way all the grays mixed together. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this on and saw how slimming it is from the front, and I could add a little pop of color in the back. I loved this shirt styled with jeans, a turquoise tank underneath, and my turquoise heels.

fix 3 dolman

Papermoon Jamie Knit Top ($38)

I love dolman tops and was so excited to see they sent me one-and at a good price! This shirt is so soft and comfortable. This is another shirt I could do jeans for a casual day off, or dress up for work. I wasn’t sure about the horizontal stripes at first, but I think this looks okay.

fix 3 skirt

41Hawthorn Abbie Reversible Skirt ($68)

I love the idea of this skirt- two for one! And I think it looks… okay, but not great. The straight cut makes me feel shorter and wider than I am. But, this is a great skirt for work. I asked for versatile, work appropriate pieces so this was a good piece with those instructions. Plus, the printed side is beautiful. I just wish it was a pencil skirt!

fix 3 split neck

Renee C Andros Split-Neck Knit Top ($48)

This shirt was way off the mark for me. The material was thin and scratchy (not worth the money in my opinion), but more than anything, the cut was so strange. It’s cut too low to wear without a tank top underneath, but not low enough for the tank top underneath to look right- it looks sloppy to me. I couldn’t get a good enough picture of it on.

So, here’s my final verdict:

Market & Spruce Spencer 3/4 Sleeve Striped DressKeep!
RD Style Kiera Crew Neck Split Back Knit Top: Keep!
Papermoon Jamie Knit Top: Keep!
41Hawthorn Abbie Reversible Skirt: Keep.
Renee C Andros Split-Neck Knit Top: Sent back. Buh-bye!

There were some really great pieces, some “meh” pieces, and one piece that had no place being in my Fix. I was mostly disappointed in the lack of color. Half of the fun for me of pulling everything out of that wonderful box is seeing all the fun patterns and colors. Hoping for more color in my next Fix!


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