It’s only February, but I am very optimistic for an early spring! It’s been sunny and warm, and all I can think about (besides the wedding) is getting away on our honeymoon! We will be traveling to Cancun right after the wedding for a few days of rest and relaxation. With spring and the honeymoon in mind, I requested bright, fun, honeymoon-appropriate pieces – some particulars were dresses, floral patterns, and a kimono. I also requested spring transitional pieces – sweaters, boots/booties, and versatile tank tops. I pinned a lot of maxi dresses, floral dresses, booties, and sweaters.

So, what did I get?

Kaileigh Marisole Knit Romper ($48)

Rompers intrigue me… and intimidate me. I’ve seen so many cute pictures of them on Pinterest, all on beautiful, thin women and I always think, there is no way I could pull one off! I’ve walked by many rompers while shopping with that thought in mind. So, when I saw this, I had two thoughts: 1. There’s no way I’ll look good in this! And, 2. How does one put a romper on? Once I figured out the second one, I was honestly surprised by how good I felt in this! The pattern is pretty and the whole vibe of this seems like it’d be perfect for our honeymoon. It’s great. It’s like a dress, but it’s actually shorts so you can do whatever you want! And it has pockets. Add pockets to anything and I will love it! I also love the price point – $48 is a great price for Stitch Fix, and you get a whole outfit! I feel comfortable, cute, and beautiful in this… what more could I ask?!

Paradigma Gwenifer Kimono ($54)
Loveappella Hilly Lace Yoke Knit Top ($48)

BC Footwear Defiance Peep Toe Wedge Bootie ($80)

This outfit is 100% my style! If I could wear this every day, I totally would. I’ll revisit the top and the booties a little later, but for now, let’s talk about this kimono! First of all, I am obsessed with anything turquoise, so the hints of turquoise throughout really caught my eye when I first opened my box. Once I picked it up and it unfolded, I just loved the floral pattern! Most of all, there is one thing this kimono has that I haven’t found in many other kimonos – the sleeve length! I love that it’s a 3/4  sleeve and not that awkward above-the-elbow length that makes my arms look funny. It’s perfect for spring and the honeymoon. Overall, this is a winner!

Loveappella Hilly Lace Yoke Knit Top ($48)
BC Footwear Defiance Peep Toe Wedge Bootie ($80)

Now we will talk about this cute top! I swear I’ll get to the booties! I really like the lace and the unique detail on the top of this top. It’s very comfortable and extremely versatile with the color and fit. I like that I can wear this for pretty much anything! Work, weekend, vacation, honeymoon… looks like a great staple piece to me!

BC Footwear Defiance Peep Toe Wedge Bootie ($80)

Now we will talk about these booties! I actually pinned these, so I was really excited to see them! I rarely directly ask for anything I pin, since the point of Stitch Fix (for me, at least) is to try new things. BUT – I love seeing things I’ve pinned show up at my door! The material feels so luxurious and soft, and these are pretty comfortable for the heel height. I love the color and this style. Perfect for spring!

Papermoon Haddley Dress ($58)

Shadow (my collie) demanded to be included! I had this dress pinned, too! I loved the print when I saw it on Pinterest and it looked like it would be a flattering fit. In person, I love the fit! It’s beautiful on, even as I just begin my weight loss journey. I think this looks good now, and will also look good once I get to my goal weight. It’s something I’d be able to wear to work (with a cardigan or jacket), on a date, or on our honeymoon. It’s also a good price point for Stitch Fix!

And what did I keep?

Kaileigh Marisole Knit Romper  – As surprised as I am, absolutely KEEP!
Paradigma Gwenifer Kimono – KEEP! LOVE!
Loveappella Hilly Lace Yoke Knit Top – Keep!

BC Footwear Defiance Peep Toe Wedge Bootie Keep!
Papermoon Haddley Dress – Keep!

February is always a hard month for me for many personal reasons, one of which being it’s the month that my dad passed away several years ago. I’m happy to say this Fix really brightened my mood! I’ve lost about 12 pounds since January 3rd (the official start of my diet / lifestyle change) and I finally feel like I’ve lost some weight, trying these pieces on.

I said this for my last Fix, but this one may be my favorite Fix ever. Here’s why:
1. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone and found that rompers are a thing I can pull off (at least one of them!)
2. It really was exciting to see two things I pinned show up at my door. While I love Stitch Fix for pushing me out of my comfort zone and sending things I’ve never seen before, I think one or two pieces I’ve pinned once in awhile is great! It shows my stylist was really paying attention, without taking the easy way out and sending only things I’ve pinned.
3. Every. Single. Piece. Made me smile! Everything I got was fun, unique, my style, and just brought me happiness. I debated for quite some time what I would send back, since I really need to save up money for the wedding, but I loved everything so much I knew I couldn’t send anything back without regret!
I wish I could give my stylist a hug. In my note, it is mentioned that they looked for a floral maxi (paying attention to my Pinterest!) but didn’t see any that would work for me. I always put more than five pieces that I need/want for my closet so they have plenty to pick from, so I appreciated the mention!

Overall, I am so excited for steady warm weather to wear all these wonderful new pieces! I know I will get a lot of use out of everything and feel fabulous! It will likely be a few months before I get another Fix, but I already can’t wait for that box to show up at my door. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

I had a lot of fun styling this Fix. I have too many pictures to include, but here are a few of my favorites!

Side view of the Kaileigh romper!
I love how the colors looked for this outfit. I could wear this to work, or on a date!
This kimono is a perfect way to transform pretty much any outfit!
I literally style everything with a denim jacket. I love this new top with this skirt from a few Fixes ago!
My stylist also recommended styling this with a denim jacket – love it!

Never heard of Stitch Fix before?

What exactly is it? Stitch Fix is this great online service where a personal stylist sends you five items they think you’ll love. Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up! My referral link is:

2. Fill out your “Style Profile”. Be honest and make sure you add lots of notes so your stylist can really get to know you! Also, I definitely recommend adding a Pinterest board, if you have one. Plus, if you’re like me and don’t like to spend too much on clothes, I’d add something along the lines of “Please be economical, I rarely spend more than $20 on any item”.

3. Set up when you would like your “Fix” shipped. You can have these sent out automatically every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, etc, OR you can just pick a date without setting up automatic shipments.

4. Add a note to your stylist. I always say something along the lines of, “I need cardigans for work” or, “I’m looking for a perfect date night dress”.

5. Pay a $20 styling fee (if you keep one item or more, that $20 goes towards your order!)

6. Get high-quality clothes and accessories delivered to your door! Try them on in the comfort of your home with your favorite other pieces. Take three days (or more, depending if your shipment comes early) to decide what you love and don’t love. Send any unwanted items back with free shipping. Keep all five items, get 25% off your whole order. Pay online and let them know what you think of each item. It’s the easiest, most convenient thing I’ve ever done.

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