There’s nothing that cheers up the post holidays blues more than a Stitch Fix box waiting at the door! I actually emailed their customer service a few days before Christmas to see if there was any possible way to get this Fix before Christmas – I had just sent back my last one and was feeling just a little too impatient to wait for another one! They said that they couldn’t guarantee it would be here in time, but they’d do their best. Well, if USPS hadn’t shipped it all over Virginia before it came to me, it probably would have made it in time! Another example of how great this company is.

Anyway, I pretty much requested the same things as my last fix: comfy-but-cute sweaters, a poncho, a stretchy pair of jeans, and general versatile winter pieces. This time last year we were digging our way out of three feet of snow, so you could say warmth plays a big part in wardrobe for me through winter.

So, what did I get?

RD Style Jana Poncho Pullover ($78)

I’m convinced my stylist read my mind! This poncho is exactly what I needed! The high side slits are fun and allow a pop of color if I choose to wear a bright tank top underneath. The long sleeves are sewn in and definitely help keep me warm. I love that it’s over sized and very comfy. I probably could have sized down, but I just didn’t want to take this off!

Market & Spruce Brookline Mix Material Sweater ($74)
Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean ($88)
DV8 Buckley Perforated Flats ($65)

I don’t even know where to begin! The sweater is amazing. It’s a thick material yet it doesn’t look it, which helps you from looking bigger than you are. The zipper detail in the back is so cute, andd the zipper is functional all the way up – the thin material underneath goes all the way up. I love the shape of this one, and the plain front is perfect for those fun, long necklaces!

The jeans are a beautiful deep blue. I love the fit on these – I’ve said this before, but Stitch Fix is the only place I can get jeans from that fit. I’m really not someone who likes to spend a lot of money on one piece of clothing, but the jeans are always worth the money. These are stretchy, like I asked for, yet seem to hold their shape. These are my second pair of Just Black jeans, and I can definitely say my other ones have been worth the money!

I didn’t ask for flats – I had mentioned that I would love a pair of boots or booties if they were available within my price range. My stylist included in her note that there weren’t any in my price range, but she sent these instead. Winter isn’t a time I’d typically go shopping for flats, but… these are the best flats ever! I adore the forest green color, and they are beyond comfy. They are also the most expensive flats I’ve ever owned, so I’d hope they would be comfortable. The shape of the toe is different, but they work. I wore them to work and I can honestly say my feet have never been happier- and on day one!

The color on these – so beautiful!

Market & Spruce Canby Faux Suede Elbow Patch Knit Top ($54)

I’ve noticed I have a lot of great pieces for work, but not that many for weekend wear. I was so happy to see this when I pulled it out of the box! The top is so soft and I love the loose fit. This is another one I probably could have sized down for, but I loved the comfort of the larger size. Stripes make me nervous while I’m very self conscious of my weight, but I love the stripes on this! I think I might actually becoming a stripes person. I also mentioned in my note that I love elbow patch details, so my stylist definitely listened! The elbow patches are a nice maroon suede. I love this top styled with my denim jacket, which gives it a completely different look! It also looks great under some of my cardigans – love those versatile pieces.

Fancy and Gracie wanted to be included in the Stitch Fix fun!

And what did I keep?

RD Style Jana Poncho Pullover – Keep! Love! Yes!
Market & Spruce Brookline Mix Material Sweater –Keep! So cute!
Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean – Keep! Super comfy jeans!
DV8 Buckley Perforated Flats – Keep! Love these!
Market & Spruce Canby Faux Suede Elbow Patch Knit Top – Keep! So versatile!

This Fix is up there in my favorites! I think a big part of having such a great fix was doing a major overhaul to my Pinterest Stitch Fix Inspiration board, which I mentioned in my note. The more updated, noted, and accurate your Pinterest board is, the better your stylist can tell what you’re into and what you want at that particular moment. I pinned a bunch of sweaters and ponchos from Stitch Fix I found with some searching, and added notes about why I loved them. My stylist even mentioned the poncho was similar to one that I had pinned. I also really love how my stylist always mentions things I requested in the note. It really shows that they are listening and doing their best to provide you with the best Fix possible.

Everything in this fix seemed to go together – even though you couldn’t wear it all at once, it almost felt like a personalized mini collection. I never would have thought to pair the green shoes with the maroon tops, but I found they actually go together really well. Overall, I was extremely happy with this Fix and I really think each piece will be a staple in my winter wardrobe. I’m not sure when my next fix will be, since I’m trying really hard to save up for my wedding this October, but I’m sure it won’t be too long! Until then…

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