It’s time for another birthday Fix! I don’t have any big plans this year, other than taking a drive to my favorite restaurant a couple hours south. I asked for casual pieces that I could wear out to get dinner and to work. I’m loving our more relaxed dress code! I also asked for anything my stylist thought would be great for our engagement pictures, which we plan on doing in a couple days. Yep, after five and a half years, we are ENGAGED! If you’re interested in that story, click here.

So, what did I get?

As a long time lover of plaid, I was happy to see this! The maroon color is pretty and it’s certainly very comfy. It fits a little weird, with very high sides and a very long back. I liked that it fit my request for fall items, and it does fit my style!

This sweater is amazing. I love the fit, the high side slits, and the feel. I feel so much thinner in this than I actually am, and that’s never a bad thing! I’ve recently discovered a love for turtlenecks, this one is no exception. This is my favorite piece this fix, without a doubt!

Olive skinny jeans! After the little mix up on my last fix, I was very excited to see they sent me some olive jeans. For me, nothing says fall like olive! I’ve seen jeans with the zippers on the ankle in stores before and wasn’t a fan, and I was still skeptical when I noticed them. However, these are so comfortable, fit so well, and are such a great color, I really didn’t mind it. They’re also of a nice, thick material. The frayed hem also looks like it will stand up well over time. Great jeans!

This sweater is very cute and very much my style! It didn’t photograph very well, but it’s very flattering. The buckle detail is pretty and it gives this sweater a unique look. Again, very soft and quite comfortable. If you haven’t noticed, this is the comfy fix!

I asked for a longer cardigan I could wear for work. This hit the spot! The material is very thick and fuzzy looking. It looked like it would be itchy, but I’m happy to report it’s not itchy whatsoever (and I have very sensitive skin). Although it’s a little long for my short self, I still love it. I’m really loving maroon this fall, and I’ve noticed it can go really well with a lot of colors. It also has pockets… who doesn’t love pockets?!

And what did I keep?

This fix hit all of my requests, and certainly made for a very happy birthday! I won’t be using anything from this fix for our engagement pictures, but I did consider wearing the plaid shirt. I ended up going with a white dress with bell sleeves I picked up from Kohls. When the stylist can only pick five pieces, sometimes you don’t get every single thing you might be looking for. For what I had requested, I was very happy with my stylist’s choices. I can’t believe the next review I put up will be around Christmas! I’m not ready to start thinking about that yet, but I can’t wait to share it with you when it comes!

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