As summer comes to a close, I’m eagerly awaiting my vacation – a few days in an apartment on the beach in the Outer Banks with the love of my life. Last year was the first time we had ever gone to the Outer Banks, and I couldn’t wait to get back and explore more. Naturally, this Fix was all about vacation! I asked for cute-but-comfy tank tops, a date night dress, a kimono, and shorts. I’m not usually a shorts person, but when you’re looking at 90 degree weather in the sun, you suddenly are a shorts person.

So, what did I get?

Pixley Porizkova Fringe Burnout Kimono ($58)

I have been wanting a Kimono since I started finding all kinds of cute ones on Pinterest! I’m not a big fan of kimonos with sleeves that are above the elbow, so I specifically asked for longer sleeved ones. This one is perfect! I’m all about fringe, so I really loved that detail. It also looked and felt like quality work. This is exactly what I meant when I asked for comfy, cute beach pieces! My stylist did a great job with this one.

Skies are Blue Incendio Crochet Back Top ($48)

And underneath the kimono… I love the pattern and colors of this top! It definitely has a beachy feel and hit my request of cute tank tops. It also has very pretty lace detail in the back! Perfect for going out for dinner.

Papermoon Wayland Racerback Top ($44)

I was so excited when I saw this top! Turquoise is my absolute favorite color, and I loved that this had the turquoise fade and back. I really love floral patterns, and this definitely felt very beachy. It’s flowy, comfy, and exactly what I was looking for!

Just Black Blake Scissor Cut Hem Skinny Jean ($88)

I swear, I am wearing pants! Pulling these out of the box, I loved the feel of the material (softest pants ever!), and the color was very pretty. But, as soon as I started to put them on, I realized why I don’t own any pants this color – it pretty much exactly matches my skin tone. My boyfriend wouldn’t stop laughing while taking pictures!

I really loved the fit and comfort of these, so I emailed customer service to see if I could exchange them for a different color. Previously I have exchanged for sizes, and one time for a defect, but was pretty sure they didn’t exchange color. If you have never used Stitch Fix before, there is one thing you need to know: their customer service is amazing. They emailed me back and let me know they had the olive I wanted and could do the color exchange! Due to an error on my part (typed the email back to customer service, didn’t send it…) they ran out of the olive, but they did send me these in black after I agreed to it. I absolutely love the black ones!

Renee C Pamala Hi-lo Maxi Dress ($74)

I totally get where my stylist was coming from on this one – I asked for beach attire, and I can’t think of anywhere else this would fit any better than on the beach. It just isn’t my style for a few reasons. The main issue for me is the color / pattern – I like bright colors, but I felt like I was wearing a beach towel. I like hi-lo dresses but this one didn’t have a high enough high – it hits awkwardly in the front. There is a tie in the back to make this as loose or tight as you’d like, which is nice.

And What Did I Keep? 

Pixley Porizkova Fringe Burnout Kimono – Keep, love!
Skies are Blue Incendio Crochet Back Top – Keep!
Papermoon Wayland Racerback Top – Keep, my favorite from this fix!
Just Black Blake Scissor Cut Hem Skinny Jean – Keep, with color exchange.
Renee C Pamala Hi-lo Maxi Dress – Kept for the discount, not my favorite.

Overall, I think this fix pretty much hit the mark. My stylist did mention in her note that they didn’t have any shorts available in an inseam that fit my request, so I didn’t mind not getting any. Everything I got went well with my requests for vacation-appropriate pieces, and I’ll pack all of them to come with me. It’s sad to think this will be the last summer fix of the year, but on the bright side – fall brings some of my favorite styles! I can’t wait to share my fall fix with you in a couple months!

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