Warm weather is back, and I couldn’t be happier! My work updated their dress code to “Dress For Your Day”, a.k.a jeans, so I knew this Fix I needed to ask for more! Stitch Fix jeans are one of my favorite things, because somehow, they always fit. The stylists are magical! Besides dark wash, non-distressed jeans, I also asked for some floral tops and more romantic looks. My usual stylist wasn’t available, so this was my first Fix styled by Julian. I’m happy to say she did a wonderful job, and hit all of my requests!

So, what did I get?

Papermoon Genoveve Scoop Neck Blouse ($44)
Liverpool Denise Bootcut Jeans ($78)

Daisies are one of my favorite flowers, so I was so happy when I saw this top! The fit is flattering and comfortable, and very work appropriate. There’s a thick white tank underneath the floral fabric, which is one of my favorite things about it. I don’t need to throw a cami under this, which I love! It also goes great with these floral pumps I picked up from Payless a couple months ago.

If you’ve seen any of my other Stitch Fix reviews, you would see that I have received these particular jeans twice already – once in a medium wash and once in white. When I saw they were coming again I wasn’t thrilled, but once I got them I quickly changed my mind! I love the dark wash of these and they have a lot of stretch, without stretching through the day. They’re perfect for my work and I love the bootcut on these. Another great pair of Stitch Fix jeans, but I definitely don’t need any more of these!

41Hawthorn Norene Button-Up Cardigan ($64)

I mentioned in my note that I prefer thicker cardigans for the office, and I really loved this one! It feels expensive and I love the navy blue with the white striping.  The white buttons pull it all together.

Paradigma Camillia Aline Eyelet Skit ($84)

My stylist mentioned in the note that this skirt has a very romantic feel – I agree! By itself it’s not my favorite, but I tried it with a belt and loved the look. It’s also a great length, hitting right above the knee.  I have a hard time finding skirts at an appropriate length – since I’m on the shorter side, “knee length” skirts usually hit me way below the knee. I was happy to see this one fit properly.

Pixley Gables Deep Scoop Back Knit Top ($48)

More floral  detail! I’m not a huge fan of skin-tight shirts, but I loved the floral pattern on this. The back has a fun scoop detail, yet can still be worn with a regular bra. I think it will look nice underneath a cardigan or denim jacket, and I definitely love it with white jeans! I like the versatility of it and it is very comfortable.

Back of the Pixley top – love it!

And What Did I Keep?

Papermoon Genoveve Scoop Neck Blouse – Keep!
Liverpool Denise Bootcut Jeans – Keep! But no more, please!
41Hawthorn Norene Button-Up Cardigan – Keep!
Paradigma Camillia Aline Eyelet Skit – Keep!
Pixley Gables Deep Scoop Back Knit Top – Keep!

Overall, I was pleased with this Fix. The Paradigma skirt and the Pixley top weren’t my favorite pieces, but I kept for the discount and the Pixley top is comfortable. The Papermoon top really hit the mark and the Liverpool jeans are great. As always, unboxing was a lot of fun! And, also as always, I’m excited for the next one!

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