It’s been a crazy winter here – including a snow storm that left behind over three feet of snow. It’s my first year on my little farm, with my horses here, so let’s just say… I’m ready for SPRING! It stays chilly in my area for a few more months, so I asked for pieces I could transition into Spring with. I also asked for some dress pants for work, since I currently only have two pairs I really like. I always request a dress for work or for casual wear because my stylist always finds super cute ones. I really didn’t need anything specific besides pants for work, so I was really excited to see what I would get!

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So, what did I get?


Renee C Rosanne Faux Suede Swing Skirt ($64)

As soon as I opened the box I was super intrigued by this fun faux suede skirt. My stylist noted that, although I didn’t request a skirt, it was totally my style and she had noticed the floral patterns on my Pinterest board – she’s the best! Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have even given this skirt a second glance in a store since I always seem to overlook skirts. Even out of the box, I was a little nervous- it’s not something I would have thought to pick for myself. But… this skirt is quite possibly my favorite item I’ve ever gotten! The length and fit are perfect, and it turns out the faux suede material is right up my alley. I really love the pattern – I love floral patterns, but not the super busy ones, so this muted, beautiful spring pattern is perfect. I’m in love and will be wearing this as much as I can!


Laila Jayde Kellyn Micro Suede Knit Top ($48)

This top is what I didn’t know I always needed! I mentioned in my note that I love to add edgier pieces to my outfits, and this top is that piece! It’s so simple, but that’s part of what I love about it. The material makes it unique and I really love this shade of grey. I don’t have any solid grey tops, so this was a welcome addition! Plus, I love that the material is thicker so I don’t have to wear another tank top underneath. I’ve already thought of a bunch of outfits I could style this with, and the picture above is one of my new favorite outfits!


IMG_7950Liverpool Harper Bootcut Pant ($88)

I always get anxious when I request any pants or jeans, because I know those are usually the priciest items from Stitch Fix. But, I do work in an office all day five days a week and I’m in dire need of new dress pants. So, I sucked it up and asked for some. These pants are literally magic and worth every penny. For starters, I absolutely love this gorgeous cobalt blue color, especially for spring! But, even more important to me is the fit. I struggle to find pants that fit, especially since I gained weight over the past few years. These pants, though, fit like they were made just for me. I also love a good bootcut pant, and these are the perfect bootcut! My stylist even mentioned she sent a pair with the longer inseam, since I’ve mentioned in the past I prefer my pants longer. (Megan, if you’re reading this, you are the best!)


Papermoon Ambrosio Lace Back Panel Knit Top ($48)

As I dug deeper through my box I was instantly drawn to this shirt. The print on this top is SO my style! Though they’re a bit bolder than I would normally go for, I love the colors and the paisley detail. I’m also a huge lace fan and the panel on the back makes me happy – I’ve said it so many times, but I love those little details! I was also pleased to see the lace panel is still bra friendly. Overall, with great fit, comfortable material, great pattern, and fun detail – I can see myself wearing this for business or pleasure, and I’m excited to dig through my closet some more to find coordinating pieces!


Skies Are Blue Charisse Dress ($78)

I get unreasonably excited to try on dresses – I feel like they can be the most flattering on my body… or the least flattering. Pulling this dress out, I could tell it was of a thicker material that definitely wouldn’t have the see-through issue. I love that there is a greyish lining under the navy blue – which, by the way, seems to be a good color for my hair. I love the hem! The jagged edge is unique and fun. The laser cut outs are a nice detail. The only thing I wish I could change is the length – it’s just too short to wear to work comfortably. But, I can still wear this for date night and could probably wear it to a wedding… and honestly, I’ll probably wear it to work. It’s too cute to not!

And What Did I Keep?

Renee C Rosanne Faux Suede Swing Skirt – Keep! Love! Yes!
Laila Jayde Kellyn Micro Suede Knit Top – Keep!
Liverpool Harper Bootcut Pant – Keep! Wore to work today!
Papermoon Ambrosio Lace Back Panel Knit Top – Keep!
Skies are Blue Charisse Dress – Keep!

I scheduled this fix with the expectation of keeping two items, three at most, because I’m currently working on building a riding arena on my little farm… Not really the best time to spoil myself, but I had a tiny amount of credit so I figured I’d use it. Then, my stylist knocked it out of the park and sent me the best fix ever. I used every day I had to think about every piece before checking out. In the end, I loved everything too much to send anything back! (And no more breakfast burritos / lunches out for the next few months!) I can legitimately see myself wearing everything I got multiple times styled many different ways. This fix was fun, colorful, and full of convenient and useful pieces! I’m beyond pleased with this fix, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have!

Here’s a couple more pictures of different styling and different angles:

lailasuede skirtambrosio


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2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #13 – February 2016

  1. I absolutely love everything you got! It all looks amazing on you, and it’s awesome that you’ve found so many other pieces in your closet to mix and match with these five.

    Random question: where did you get the chambray/denim shirt you paired with the skirt? I have a fuller bust, and I’m constantly on the lookout for a shirt like that that’ll work for me!

    1. Hi Emelia, thanks so much! I got that denim shirt from Marshalls a couple years ago actually, it’s made by Levi. It’s pretty heavy, but does somewhat work with my larger bust, too!

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