It’s Stitch Fix time! This box showed up on December 23rd, which was my last day before my Christmas break from work. (Who doesn’t love paid vacation?!) Well, turns out the 23rd was an annoyingly busy day, and when I left work at 8PM, I just wanted to come home to my fix. My boyfriend had other plans. He happened to be home that day, so he took my box in and wrapped it, putting it under the tree. Then, he told me I had to… WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS. I do not have that kind of patience, but he mixed it in with all the other presents and there were some that were the same size. He said, with a mischievous grin, you wouldn’t want to ruin Christmas, would you? So, I waited. But, we celebrated Christmas a day early since he had to work so I really just had to wait one night’s sleep. I finally got my box and, as I try to rip the paper off he says, “WAIT! Do it carefully.” Humouring him, I pop the tape and gently pull the wrapping paper off… to find a generous gift card! My man knows how to make me happy! So, let’s get to the actual contents of the box…

What did I get?

thml sweater

THML Justin Fringe Detail Cowl Neck Sweater ($68)
Kut From the Kloth Danny Knit Pant ($68)

I frequently pin pictures of pieces with fringe detail to my Stitch Fix Pinterest board, hoping they’ll have something with fringe in stock. My amazing stylist delivered! Not only did I get fringe, but I also got a white sweater, which is one of the things I requested. The sweater is flattering on my figure, it’s comfy, and perfect for the winter. I love unique detail, and this sweater definitely has it!

These KTFK pants showed up in a Fix several months ago in grey, and they instantly became a staple in my closet. I had re-pinned them on my Pinterest board saying I’d totally not mind getting another pair in a different color, so I was so excited to see these show up in this fix! The fit is perfect, and I can’t get over how soft and comfortable they are! I wear them for anything from work to lounging around the house. My only complaint is that I got them for $48 back then, and they are $68 right now. Supply and demand, I suppose, but I love them too much to send them back over $20. (But anything more than that would have been questionable whether I’d have kept them!)



En Créme Potter Button Back Sweater ($58)

Not only did I get one white sweater, but this beautiful cream one, too! I’ve been all about button back detail lately, so I was so excited when this showed up at my door! (Pictures a little further down of the back of the shirt as it was sent.) I modified the back of the shirt to remove the fabric underneath that hung low. On a taller person it might be cute, but on me… it really just looked like a strange butt flap. I was able to have the shirt altered and the piece of fabric was removed, and now it looks like a fun split back top! Overall, I love its simplicity on the front and the back makes it even cuter, and it’s perfect for work or play!


RD Style Skyler Dress ($78)

love the fabric and pattern of this dress! I don’t have anything like it, and it’ll be perfect for work… and date night, and whatever else I come up with. The cap sleeves are a great detail, too! I don’t like tight sleeves around my arms so I love this. I’ve found, through Stitch Fix, that fit and flare is the most flattering cut for my body type. Send me all of ’em!


41Hawthorn McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse ($48)

Okay so, this outfit would have been WAY cuter with black tights but, by the time I realized that I was already done with pictures so… behold my winter paleness! All joking aside though, I have mentioned in my notes many times that I love some lace detail, and this purple shirt has just the right amount! I asked for a blouse I could wear to work that could be appropriate with or without a blazer or cardigan and tucked into a skirt (or not), and this definitely fits the bill. The purple color is so bright and different from anything else I own. I tend to go more for neutrals and darker fall tones, so this is a fun change. Plus, it looks cute with this skirt I got back on Fix# 9!

So, what did I keep?

THML Justin Fringe Detail Cowl Neck Sweater – Keep!
Kut From the Kloth Danny Knit Pant – Keep!
En Créme Potter Button Back Sweater – Keep!
RD Style Skyler Dress – Keep!
41Hawthorn McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse – Keep!

It was a great Christmas fix! I find myself a bit more excited by items in the spring and summer, when all the fun colors and patterns are in season, but honestly, I always find the things that come in my winter fixes become staples in my closet. This was no exception. The 41Hawthorn top and KFTK pants will be great year round, the sweaters will be great for fall and winter, and the dress I see as more of a fall/winter item, but could be worn all year. I’m so glad I’ve had the same amazing stylist for so many fixes now; I love how she always answers my requests as best as possible, and throws something in there I wouldn’t normally pick up in a store. Her notes are always fantastic – thought out, friendly, and helpful with great styling suggestions. Overall, another great fix! Here’s some more pictures:

Fix 12

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