The leaves have fallen, the temperature has dropped, and the sad truth that winter is just around the corner has finally hit me. The fix? Stitch Fix! It’s that time again for another box of goodies to be delivered to my door. This time, I left a note for my stylist requesting cold weather pieces, leather accents, and to stay on  a budget. One of my favorite things with every box I get is that I know my amazing stylist listens to my request and takes the time to look over my Pinterest board to really get an idea of my style.


So, what did I get?



Pixley Greenich Striped Knit Top ($48)

When I first saw this shirt I was getting a little bit of a “Where’s Waldo” vibe, but after trying it on, it’s one of my favorites in the box! I always avoid horizontal stripes since I’ve gained quite a bit of weight over the last few years, but somehow this shirt was really flattering. I also love the leather elbow patches! I’m not huge on the elbow patch trend, but I do love the leather- really unique. The bottom also has some leather on the trim, which I’ll post a picture of in a little bit. I just loved this top tucked into this fun little leather fringe skirt (which is not Stitch Fix, but a great feature of Stitch Fix is trying their stuff on with your own stuff!) . Somehow, my boyfriend (who is not a professional photographer, by the way) managed to get a picture of me spinning around with the fringe fanning out, and with a smile on my face… before I tripped and made all kinds of funny faces. He’s a keeper.


RD Style Rory Faux Leather Front Legging ($68)

In case you haven’t noticed, I love leather. So, when I saw these leggings in my fix I almost exploded! I’ve always wanted to try leather leggings but was afraid they just wouldn’t look good on me. What I love about these is that the front is leather (hence the name), but the back are just regular, thick leggings. Fun, but still flattering. I can dress them up – like I did here for date night, or wear with boots and a casual shirt. I received this top in last month’s box, it’s called the Le Lis Columbus Knit Top. Also very versatile, I’ve already worn it several times. These leggings are a new favorite for me! Now to work up the courage to wear them out!


Market & Spruce Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater ($58)

When Fancy wants to be included, she subtly lets me know! (This time in the form of a horse photobomb.) This sweater is so comfy. The fit is perfect, the material is comfy, and I do like navy. Everything is perfect, except that there’s two small issues… on my elbows. I’m not really a hot pink kind of person, it was ingrained in my mind since I was little that hot pink and red hair was a major no-no. But… I think I’m okay with it! Again, I’m not huge on elbow patches, and I think I’d like this sweater more with less bright ones, but it’s definitely unique and the more I look at it, the more it grows on me. My stylist, she’s good!


MTLA Kristin Fleece Legging ($38)

Scotch decided she also wanted to photobomb this photo shoot… Anyway, whoever invented fleece leggings deserves an award, if they don’t already have one! They’re the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn, ever.  The maroon color intimidates me a little- I’ve always been a jeans-or-black-pants person. But, I think I could learn to style the color since they’re so darn comfortable. And affordable! My stylist suggested pairing them with the RD Style Angus Split Back Mixed Material top from my last fix, and I love the pairing!

Stitch Fix 11

41Hawthorn Shara Herringbone Vest ($68)

(Also featuring the  aforementioned RD Style Rory Faux Leather Front Legging and the Pixley Greenich Striped Knit Top.) I have never worn vests. In my head, I just don’t see the need to put something with no sleeves over something with sleeves. But, I think I like it! Another great thing about Stitch Fix is that they kind of push you out of your comfort zone. I never would have picked this up in a store, let alone give it a passing glance. It’s comfortable, fits nicely, and it actually is pretty warm, too. I’ll have to look through my closet to find what else I can wear with it, but if I can figure out how to style this, I think it’ll make a great first vest! I’m thankful for a lovely stylist that suggested this styling.

And What Did I Keep?

Pixley Greenich Striped Knit Top – Keep!
RD Style Rory Faux Leather Front Legging – 
Market & Spruce Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater
– Keep!
MTLA Kristin Fleece Legging
– Keep!
41Hawthorn Shara Herringbone Vest
– Keep!

There seems to be this running theme where I keep everything I’m sent… There’s a reason why I have requested Megan to be my permanent stylist! She understands my style, stays within budget as much as possible, and pushes me out of my comfort zone just enough. Another great fix from a great stylist! Take a look at this awesome note she wrote me this month (and some other pictures showing the details of the pieces I got!).


If you’re new to my blog and wondering what this wonderful thing called Stitch Fix is, click here – it’s my first review with all the details. If you’ve heard of it and want to try it out, click here.

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