My tenth Fix marks one year of using this wonderful service called Stitch Fix, which also means this Fix fell right around my birthday! Every Fix, I try to focus on one or two items I really need (or want) to add to my wardrobe, so this month I asked for a fun dress or outfit to wear for my 21st birthday. I also asked for a specific shirt I received back in Fix #5 that I no longer have. With a big birthday coming up, this was by far my most anticipated Fix.


So, what did I get?



Brixon Ivy Riva Lace Dress ($68)

I. am. in. love. with. this. dress. Out of my ten fixes, this is probably my favorite piece ever- and it ended up being my birthday night out dress! Personally, I’m slightly obsessed with lace detail, but have a hard time finding things with that detail that are flattering for my body type. So, I’m convinced someone actually made this dress just for me. It’s lacy, the perfect length, and the color works great with my skin and hair color. Plus, it can be styled for all seasons. It’s sleeveless, but I styled it with a leather jacket since it’s October and pretty chilly in the evening (and I love leather). There’s nothing better than feeling confident and comfortable in a dress, and I’m happy to say this dress does that for me! 


THML Brandi Embroidered Skirt ($58)
Le Lis Columbus Knit Top ($38)
Just USA Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacket ($58)

I asked for a birthday outfit, and I definitely got it! But first, let’s talk about these pieces individually. The THML skirt is totally my style! It’s fun, unique, and has an edgy feel depending on how it’s styled. It’s a little shorter than I would normally go for, but since I had asked for a night-out outfit, this fit the bill. I’ve previously received the Le Lis top, and am SO happy to get it again since I haven’t had it for months! I never would have thought to style these two together, but Megan’s styling tips have always been great, so I tried them together as she had suggested. I was pleasantly surprised with the full look! I had also asked for another denim jacket, since I basically live in them, and I loved this one! Specifically, I had asked for a lighter or medium wash jacket, and this particular wash is one of my favorites. Though it was an acquired taste, I grew to love the boyfriend fit of it. Looking back now I probably could have sized down (which you can do with their great customer service), but overall I’m really happy to have a great jacket with a different fit than any of the others I own. I also love that my stylist, Megan, provided me with two great choices for a night out. This was almost the birthday outfit, but will be a great date night outfit in the near future!



RD Style Angus Split Back Mixed Material Sweater ($68)

This sweater is everything I never knew I always needed! Apparently I didn’t own a single black sweater, which I was unaware of until I got this. I lovingly call this sweater my mullet, because it’s definitely business in the front, party in the back! It looks, but there’s actually a lot of fun detail in it. The back has this adorable split back detail with mesh underneath, plus a few buttons up the back. There’s also a cute, subtle elbow patch detail. Plus, it’s comfy and I can (and will) wear it casually, to work, or even date night. WIN.

I’d also like to take a second to talk about Stitch Fix customer care. The first sweater I received arrived with a large pull down the sleeve that I didn’t realize until I took the tags off and slipped it on for work. I caught a glimpse of it in the mirror before I walked out the door, and I was as devastated as one could be about a pull in a sweater. I emailed customer care explaining I’d just taken the tags off (I had it about a week) and noticed the quality issue. I wasn’t very optimistic that anything could be done, but they emailed me back quickly and offered a replacement. They even shipped it out before I had gotten the chance to ship the old one back. The level of service this company provides is enough alone to convince me that this really is a great company. (My job is customer service, so I have high standards. Consider me impressed!)

So, what did I keep?

Fix 10.

Brixon Ivy Riva Lace Dress – Keep! Love! Best dress ever!
THML Brandi Embroidered Skirt – Keep!
Le Lis Columbus Knit Top – Keep!
Just USA Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacket
 – Keep!
RD Style Angus Split Back Mixed Material Sweater – Keep!

I just couldn’t send anything back! Once again, Megan outdid herself and sent another perfect Fix. She always sends the best pieces, and her note is one of my favorite parts. Here is this month’s note:


If you’re new to my blog and are wondering what Stitch Fix is, click here. It’s my first review and very detailed. For those of you who read this review and wondered, where can I get one?! You can sign up using my referral link by clicking here. I receive a small credit for anyone who signs up and receives their own Fix, which helps me continue writing these reviews. Be on the lookout for my next review, because I have been super busy and have had this fix for a few weeks. My next Fix is coming soon!

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