Stitch Fix is my new addiction. So, what exactly is it? Stitch Fix is this great online service where a personal stylist sends you five items they think you’ll love. Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up! My referral link is:

2. Fill out your “Style Profile”. Be honest and make sure you add lots of notes so your stylist can really get to know you! Also, I definitely recommend adding a Pinterest board, if you have one. Plus, if you’re like me and don’t like to spend too much on clothes, I’d add something along the lines of “Please be economical, I rarely spend more than $20 on any item”.

3. Set up when you would like your “Fix” shipped. You can have these sent out automatically every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, etc, OR you can just pick a date without setting up automatic shipments.

4. Add a note to your stylist. I always say something along the lines of, “I need cardigans for work” or, “I’m looking for a perfect date night dress”.

5. Pay a $20 styling fee (if you keep one item or more, that $20 goes towards your order!)

6. Get high-quality clothes and accessories delivered to your door! Try them on in the comfort of your home with your favorite other pieces. Take three days (or more, depending if your shipment comes early) to decide what you love and don’t love. Send any unwanted items back with free shipping. Keep all five items, get 25% off your whole order. Pay online and let them know what you think of each item. It’s the easiest, most convenient thing I’ve ever done.

So what did I get in my first Fix?

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Skies are Blue Maggie Floral Shift Dress ($44)

This is the first thing I pulled out of the box. My first thought was… no way. But, this is why I LOVE Stich Fix! They encourage you to try everything on, even if you don’t think you’ll like it. Sure enough, I put this dress on and loved it- when styled with a belt, as my stylist recommended. The print was flattering on my skin tone and the fit was perfect, not to mention the quality was great and the price was right. Great first  impression of this company!

Market and Spruce Harlin V-Neck Plaid Print Knit Shirt ($48)

Of course, I immediately went for this shirt next- plaid with the turquoise in it caught my eye. Sure enough, another perfect fit! This shirt is luxuriously comfortable and fits my lifestyle perfectly. This shirt is also flattering with the plaid print running onto the sides. Plus, navy always goes well with my hair!

Skies are Blue Meia Woven Mixed Print Moto Jacket ($48)

I had pinned about ten different moto jackets on my Style board on Pinterest, so I was SO excited to see they sent me an affordable one! Not only was it affordable, but it’s super cute, super comfy, and super unique! Perfect for a casual date out.

Honey Punch Twist-Front Sleeveless Knit Top ($38)

In my note, I included that I was feeling a little self conscious since I gained a little weight. I think this shirt was perfect for covering up the extra weight, but at the same time, seemed like I was trying a little too hard to hide something. It’s a really cute top, and really soft material, but I wasn’t feeling it.

Kut From The Kloth Kate Boyfriend Jean ($78)

I didn’t get any good pictures of these because they sent me the wrong size- by a LOT. But, this was also my fault because there’s a section in the Style Profile to put in your pant size and waist size. I just guessed my waist size, so I think they went off that instead of my usual size. Really nice quality jeans, but returned because even if the fit was right, the “Boyfriend” cut is not my style.

So, here’s my final verdict:
Skies are Blue Maggie Floral Shift Dress: KEPT!
Market and Spruce Harlin V-Neck Plaid Print Knit Shirt: Kept!
Skies are Blue Meia Woven Mixed Print Moto Jacket: Kept!
Honey Punch Twist-Front Sleeveless Knit Top: Liked it, but sent back.
Kut From The Kloth Kate Boyfriend Jean: Sent back.


Overall, I was extremely pleased with the results of my first Fix. I got some great new items I never would have picked up at a store, and that’s the fun of this whole experience. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the whole shopping experience- driving to whatever store for whatever sale that day, navigating through the crowds, trying on handfuls and handfuls of clothes that end up not fitting right or just not looking good, and forgetting what I needed in the first place. This service takes out all that mess and provides a comfortable, fun way to get what you didn’t know you always wanted. If you’re in a style rut, I definitely recommend trying this out!

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