How is this year almost over already?! Somehow, the best year of my life is coming to a close, and it’s time for the last fix of the year. This time around I asked for comfortable, work appropriate sweaters, medium to dark wash jeans with stretch (…holidays), a cardigan, and a cute tank top to wear under cardigans / jackets for work.

So, what did I get?

41Hawthorn Leiah Cowl Neck Pullover ($74)

This is completely my style! I was very happy to see this when I pulled it out of the box. I excitedly tried this on first. I noticed as I pulled it on that it was a little itchy. By the time I walked form the bedroom down the hall to show my fiance, I couldn’t wait to get it off. This is by far the itchiest sweater I have ever tried on in my life. I got it off immediately and saw it was made of wool. No wonder! My sensitive skin was not very happy with me. I checked my Stitch Fix profile and saw I never checked off wool as a fabric not to send. So, this is not my stylist’s fault whatsoever. In fact, she did a great job because this is a cute looking sweater!

Dreamers/Debut Margo Cable Knit Cardigan ($54)

After trying on the itchiest sweater ever, I was a little hesitant to try anything else. Luckily, this sweater is so very soft! The color didn’t turn out right in this picture – it’s more of a burnt orange color. A much different color than anything else I have. I struggle to find things in my closet that will go with this, other than navy or white. I don’t even care though, it’s so comfortable, fits perfectly, and is perfect for the office. I love the length and all the detail throughout. This one’s a winner!

Napean Sea Rd Dandridge Neckline Strap Detail Blouse ($48)

I adore the pattern on this top! The colors are gorgeous and I love how they all come together in this beautiful watercolor-looking pattern. That big black strap across the chest just doesn’t make any sense to me. Why is it there? It ruins this top for me. The top by itself has thin straps that connect in the back. Those straps are cute, but, why the big black strap on the front?! I tried pairing it with a black blazer (shown above) to help camouflage the strap, but even then… can’t get past it.

Without the blazer – also way too low cut to be work appropriate. Shadow, my dog, wanted to be included!

41Hawthorn Aleesa Colorblock Zip Neck Pullover ($64)

The colorblocking on this top is perfection. I also absolutely love the zip neck detail of this! I adjusted it a few different ways for different looks and, although it can be a little itchy zipped, it’s super cute. The material is soft and stretchy. Unfortunately, this top is way too fitted for me to feel comfortable in right now. I’m gearing up to go on a major diet before the wedding, and I certainly don’t feel my prettiest in skin tight stuff at the moment. I felt very self conscious in this. Even though I loved all the detail on this, I knew I wouldn’t wear it if I didn’t feel comfortable in it.

Liverpool Elizabeth Super Skinny Jean ($78)

Super awkward picture, sorry. I had to show off the weird waist on these! On the one hand, I did ask for stretch. I received stretch. It also allows you to wear shirts without that flap near your belly button sticking out. On the other hand… just weird. If these had a perfect fit, I would have considered them. They were just a wee bit tight and, if I’m spending $88 on jeans, they better fit just right! I did love the wash on these, though.

And what did I keep?

41Hawthorn Leiah Cowl Neck Pullover – Sent back.
Dreamers/Debut Margo Cable Knit Cardigan – Keep!
Napean Sea Rd Dandridge Neckline Strap Detail Blouse – Sent back.
41Hawthorn Aleesa Colorblock Zip Neck Pullover – Sent back. I might request in the future if I lose weight.
Liverpool Elizabeth Super Skinny Jean – Sent back.

This is the first time in awhile that I haven’t kept all five pieces, and if I send stuff back I usually still end up keeping three. Although I only kept the cardigan, I have no hard feelings on this fix. You have to remember that the person that is styling you doesn’t know you. They have no way to tell if you’ve gained or lost weight unless you let them know, and if they do know, they don’t how how things are going to fit you differently than they used to. My stylist hit every one of my requests, and anything I didn’t like was my own fault. I forgot to check off wool from my profile, I did ask for stretchy jeans, and I might not have updated my weight in awhile. The item I did keep was perfect, and that’s the point of Stitch Fix! They really don’t expect you to keep everything all the time. If you find one thing you love, it’s a success. I’ve moved my next Fix up since I only kept one thing this time, so I’ll be reporting back soon!

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