Coming out of winter is always an interesting time – I’m out of shape, the horses are somewhat out of shape, and they have a lot of energy they want to get rid of! I’m happy to see that Fancy is focusing her energy in the best way possible.

The past several rides with Fancy have been fantastic! She has started collecting her lope nicely and slowing it down some, while starting to lower her headset a little. She’s consistent with a slow, comfy jog with a great headset, and has been extremely responsive. We’ve had some great roll backs and we’ve done a lot of circles, figure eights, stopping and going, and all those other fun things. I can’t even begin to put to words how happy she’s made me! She is really feeling like a finished horse.

The ground was great today after a rain storm on Thursday, so I went ahead and set up the barrels. We were supposed to go to a show today, but unfortunately, it was canceled. I figured we might as well still run!

After some nice, wide turns at a jog, I let Fancy lope a pattern. It felt great! I have a lot I need to work on after so much time off of barrel racing, but Fancy ran beautifully. Nice, tight turns and she rated herself well. Fancy definitely isn’t the type of horse you need to push – she will run pretty fast without any additional encouragement. She definitely loves her job.

It’s rides like this that can turn a whole day around! Very grateful for my perfect Fancy!

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