Gracie was one of the cutest foals I’ve ever met (and yes, that opinion is probably a little biased). Once she hit one year old, all I could think was, great, the “awkward yearling” phase. Sure, her head is a bit smaller than the rest of her body, and yeah, her back end is a few inches higher than her front, but… look at her. She’s gorgeous! I keep waiting for her to really get that awkward yearling look, but she seems to have been blessed with a graceful teenagehood.

So far, anyway.

She’s really transitioning beautifully, and is starting to look more mature. Just look at the muscles! I’m thinking we might be close to a growth spurt, because she has filled out nicely the past couple of weeks. But, while she’s looking quite majestic, I had to share a few pictures of her!

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